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Hi , Welcome to my Bradford City Football Programmes Website . A comprehensive collection of programme scans throughout the history of Bradford City Football Club .
Having collected Bradford City Football Programmes for over 25 years I decided it was time for me to show off my collection not only for Bradford City collectors to look at , but for all Football Programme Collectors out there .
With the help of other BCFC collectors and several other collectors I have now over 5000+ scans to upload onto this site . This will include 1st team Fixtures , Reserves , Juniors , Friendlies , West Riding Cup , FA Youth Cup , Bradford Championship , Intertoto Cup , Testimonials , Public Practice Matches , Misc games at Valley Parade including Brad PA & Bradford Bulls . I will also be eventually adding Teamsheets and maybe match tickets sometime in the future .
This obviously is a very time consuming project and I have concentrated on 1st team fixtures for the time being , and in the coming months I will continue to upload more when time permits .
As you will no doubt guess programmes were sadly not kept or not printed in the early years of the Bradford City era as you will notice by my missing scans . Also during the War years many a club did not print programmes .
Now this is where I hope any of you fellow collectors out there will be able to help me with . If any of you happen to have any programmes in your own collections that I don’t have I would be very grateful if you would be willing to send me scans of those I have missing . There maybe also programmes out there that I dont even know about , e.g. Postponed Issues , so again all info you have you can email to me and I can add them to my site.
I will say now that there will be mistakes on the site due to the high volume of content so if you happen to spot any (im sure you will) , again email me so that they can be rectified .
A Big Thank You goes out to Dave at http://www.football4sale.co.uk for setting up the Website . Without his help this dream would not have happened and my collection would have stayed in folders in my loft for only myself to look at .
There are many collectors at Bradford City that have provided me scans for my website , along with several members from the Football Programme Forum that have also contributed to my collection .
Regards Garry

  3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Well done big bro, why isn’t my name at the top of this website too! Pre 1960 I believe were mainly mine, I’m going to sue (ha ha)
    However my wife says if you get a bid on one of my old progs my wife will greatly accept (she wishes)
    Have you thought of having links to other sites?

  2. I have hundreds of programmes and some old ones that my grandad gave to me….will have a look at your site in detail when I get a moment. Just spotted you on Twitter 🙂

    • Hi Simon , Thanks for the message and yes pls check my site . Hopefull there might be a gem or two that you have inherited from your Grandad Regards Garry

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